Are you someone who helps others?
Who is helping YOU?

What we do

Because you don't need someone breathing down your neck telling you how to do you.  You just need someone who's done it before to guide you...

See the energy of you!

One of my superpowers is seeing when the energy is YOU and when the energy is your EGO or what you've picked up from others.

Blind spot recognition

You can't see it when you're in it! At least not easily. Get the outside perspective needed to see when things keep coming up in different areas of your life.

the long haul

Yes, it's hard to know who to trust, but once you can, can you afford them long term?  This is about creating relationships you want to continue building for the rest of your life.

Obstacle smashing

Perspectives to move through any obstacle with LOVE and being TRUE to yourself while doing it

turn what you think about yourself around

See how those things that you've been hesitant to talk and think about for yourself are actually part of your superpowers!

Optimize your superpowers

See how to mix and match your superpowers to build a life more and more and more integrated as being fully YOU.

This is a lifestyle change

You're a special kinda person

A mix of

Smart // Weird
Mature //Forgetful
Rebel // Rule follower
Wishy washy // Stubborn
A bit much // Sensitive

It's all part of your SUPERPOWERS


You're passionate about what you're passionate about. And you're GREAT at it!


In your own way, you make so many new connections and can view things in original ways.


In your zones of genius, you are persistent, hard working, and maaaybe a little bit stubborn to get what you feel is necessary done.


Sensitive, empathetic, big hearted, you just knew..

All part of another kind of genius

Live Love.
Live True.
Live YOU.