There is a way to prepare for this divinely guided relationship... 

Are you open to a Empowered Partnership Possibility to change your life?

Know what you want

At least enough to start a conversation about it.

Many men say that if a woman can't communicate, that's a deal breaker.  

And you have to start somewhere - so let's get you some more

Self-awareness and Experience!

Ready to start that journey?

Be ready to play ball 

You want someone who wants to go all in on the relationship?

Ya..  It's going to take an investment of time and energy in yourself to get the ball rolling!

This ain't for no "playas"

Open up to possibility

"There are only two ways to live:
You can live as if NOTHING is a miracle;

You can live as if EVERYTHING is a miracle."

-Albert Einstein

Guess which one applies here?

You won't settle for any ol' connection, but you're tired of waiting...

You're frustrated by all the past guys NOT LISTENING to you

You're disappointed that none of them CAN BE THERE for you

You're disenchanted that no one could OPEN UP their heart to you

You want someone to DO LIFE with to the FULLEST

You just want to be YOU in the relationship without having to manage all the expectations thrust on you

You're READY for the partner who is willing to STEP UP and join you in BETTERING the WORLD


an Ideal Partner and the Love You Deeply Desire was Possible?

A true partnership based on admiration & respect


Someone willing to invest in the relationship


A Safe space to share about you and your heart's desires


Have FUN and ADVENTURES together


Make a DIFFERENCE in this world... TOGETHER


You CAN be ready for partnership you've always dreamed of!

At Calculating Grace, you gain your very own support team. When you partner with us, you'll go from frustrated and confused to discerning and sure, which means you'll be ready to say YES to the partnership that you know is part of your divine path.

Found Emotion Stability and Deeper Trust In Herself

When I first joined the program, I felt consumed by emotions. I was regularly swimming in a state of overwhelm. I wanted to get comfortable experiencing heavier emotions and to develop skills for transmuting emotions.

I loved your flexibility and willingness to meet me exactly where I was every session.

I was surprised by your investment and involvement in my success; the degree of love, support, and encouragement that I received throughout the process.

As a result of working together, I now have greater emotional stability, deeper trust in myself and in others, and a greater discernment about who gets to hear my stories.

This was an incredible experience that has definitely changed my life!! I will use the information and tools you shared for a long time.
Amanda Menzter

You're a Love Maker, or at least you Want to be...

and ME TOO!

Hello! I'm Carlene, the founder of Calculating Grace! I've been obsessed with "perfect couples" since the 5th grade, when immediately behind me were Mr. and Mrs. Perfect, and I sat with "the bad boy."

I always felt like I was looking at those seemingly perfect couples and wondering, "How did they KNOW that they were right for each other? Where do I find MY perfect match?"

Well in my 25+ years of relationship experience (read: obstacles over come and failures managed), I managed to learn a pretty damn good amount of lessons that I've now turned around into RESPECTFUL, COOPERATIVE, and LOVING relationships, and knowing which Partnership was right for me.

This translates into being able to give you a more concise and and efficient journey to the same place!

(Insert sigh of relief here!)

And I have the Relationship Possible System to do it together with YOU!

Potent Possibilites

My sense of potent possibilities is endless! I can remind you of the potential both in you and your situation, when sometimes we've forgotten and get you rearing to go with your personal Powerhouse.


Balanced Heart and Mind

I help you find a life you love with a full body YES, and dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's of your mind! 


The Partnership Possible Masterclass


1-1 Support

2 full hour 1-1 sessions so you can be SEEN and HEARD. Get outside, caring eyes on what might be keeping you blocked and stuck and fast ways to turn that around.

UNLIMITED Journaling Support

A Private place to put down your obstacles AS THEY HAPPEN so you can process them, see yourself better, and get feedback throughout the program and feel SAFE and SUPPORTED.

Twice weekly Group Meetings

Everyone gets a chance in the hot seat in these twice a week coaching / laser consulting calls.  Your obstacle doesn't stand a chance. BYE BYE BLOCKS!

Group Support

NOTHING beats having people going through the same thing as you. 


This is no Masterclass as usual...

Module 1 

Open to love

 Clear the Love Blocks passed down from your family and acquired in past relationships and you’ll learn a process to Feel what it’s like to be In Love with Your Sacred Partner NOW. 

Module 2

love yourself whole

Craft your Love Blueprint so you understand and feel confident in who you are so you don’t even need a partner to feel special, but their admiration is a bonus! In this module, you’ll learn how to make it easy for them to understand you and reciprocate sharing.

module 3 

Your future starts now

Most people make the mistake of waiting to find their partner before living their fairy tale ending and changing the world. In this module, you’ll learn how to start living that happily ever after NOW so you’ll attract the partner you desire.

module 4


You don’t have to compromise yourself to find and grow love. In this module, you’ll understand what really matters to you, what your non-negotiables are, and how to take a stand for that while still attracting your ideal partner


'bandon bandage

Disappointed by all the big relationships in your life, this bonus will help give you the experience of a comforting companion that you can access anytime!



You're going to find yourself overwhelmed sometime, doing all this growing in the dark.  Make sure you use this tool to recalibrate back to READY TO GROW

So are you ready?  Let's do this!

"Carlene is one of the most committed people I know to helping you live your life from a place of deep alignment!

She has such a gift for helping you understand and accept yourself for who you are, with all your unique ways of approaching and thinking about the world. 

Plus, she’s totally non-judgmental and creates really safe spaces for sharing. 

And I love the way she weaves astrology into her work — it’s so insightful and makes claiming who you are so much fun to do!"

Suzy Cater

Messaging Strategist and Intuitive Business Coach at

See and Understand Yourself

Clarity of Self like Never Before

I have never fully identified with my astrological signs before, and had Carlene not shared her unique process with her clients, I might have missed this impactful reading!

She had set up an appointment to read me my houses and it was so spot on! Articulated in ways that I would not have gathered.

She called out my predisposition in my career, friendships, wealth and marriage in a way that filled me with acceptance and appreciation for myself.

It became clear that not all of my behaviors were led by learned beliefs, but rather are completely cosmic!

I didn't know how clarifying this could be but I feel so inspired to embrace myself on a deeper layer.

Mary-Grace Hogan

Leadership Coach, Visionary, and Creative Force at

"Carlene is an amazing listener, which is such a rare skill and sometimes just what a person needs to be able to get unstuck"
"After receiving an analysis from Carlene, what I noticed during an interaction with my husband was, even though his method wasn't pleasant, I was able to use my humor to break up the tension around the issue, and we were able to laugh again and get into a conversation again, and I thought, 'Wow, that's a big change for me.' So I was able to see him very clearly, know myself very clearly, and I think that is why I recommend you work with Carlene."
Rosa Chen

Children's Robotics Teacher 

"I felt your presence, your ethics, your sweet and caring divine touch. It's so easy for me to communicate with you (and this is not something that happens easily with others). I felt safe.
Nadia D.